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Some of you might have already heard, that I successfully finished my master in IT Security. I had the opportunity to write my master thesis at the emsec chair at Ruhr University Bochum. The content focused on a better way to guess passwords which are combined out of several words. The interested reader can download […]

On 7th of June Frank Stajano was giving a talk on Pico. Pico is basically his answer to the question “how we could get rid of passwords”. There was one thing that made me really sad about his talk, it was that Pico does not exist yet. At the moment it is an idea about […]

Yesterday (8. oct 2011) evening the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) made a press announcement. Some time ago they got a copy of the so called “Bundestrojaner”, a Trojan horse developed to enable the police to listen to your phone call performed over a computer and the Internet. Ever since this software was in the political […]