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Thanks to Security Nirvana the program and abstracts of password 11 are available.

Today I got the confirmation for attending password 11, a conference on password security. It is done by Selmer Centre a part of the university of Bergen, Norway.  I am looking forward to some interesting talks. In the mean time check out what happened on password 10, which happened in December 2010. For those of […]


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Some words about comments on this site. You might be wondering that there are nearly no comments at all on the site. The reason for this is very simple. I approve comments only from people I know. I do not want my readers to be spammed. In the case you think your comment should appear […]

Last night I took the opportunity to download the leaked data via Torrent service. To make it short the data contained: the full names of the available profiles. some agregated information like first names, sorted and counted a script to crawl by yourself. a list of 170.879.859 URLs leading to a miniature picture of your […]

On 28th of July 2010 a news was spread that 100-170 million sets of “user data” was leaked from facebook [see arstechnica, bbc, heise (german) or skullsecurity]. Ron Bowes, a security researcher, created a program, which crawled through the public available User directory of facebook. The crawler checked each and every profile, which was mentioned […]