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Today and Yesterday I attended a security conference called Passwords11. It was a conference where a lot of people were talking and discussing everything about passwords and even, how we could possibly get rid of them. At this point in time, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Per Thorsheim, who on […]

Just as a reminder to you. Passwords11, a conference in Norway is just taking place. Have a look at the live stream of the conference. Live Stream

On Thursday I attended a workshop on Red Team Testing. Red Team testing comes from military jargon. It means to try to break into a facility. Not only on electronic or network way but also, if needed, physically. At the very first beginning there was a video presented, showing a show called Tiger Team […]

At 11:00 in the morning the CTF @ was closed. There was already some nice feedback from the participating teams. During the lightning talk the winner are announced. The top places from all participants: Bobsleigh Nibbles Leet more Only local team could win prices. My congratulations to the winners of the CTF and to […]

Vincent Guyot gave in his talk an overview what is possible with smartards. Smardcards are in general small computers which have the following parts: ROM CPU EEPROM RAM CPU crypto-CPU They are a all-in-one computer which can be accessed on a client server base. The Developer can add their own features and functions to it. […]

I just want to mention, that fluxfingers, a group of well trained hackers, is providing the CTF this year at Have a look at the CTF page. For all local teams, which meaning teams which are present at there are some attractive prices like: an iPad a Kindle and much more So, […]

In the morning I attended the workshop from Didier Stevens about analyzing malicious PDF files. I rarely attended a workshop with such a high quality. Dedier showed in 20 good understandable exercises: how the format of a PDF looks like how javascript is included in a PDF file how javascript can be obfuscated how files […]

Andrei Costin gave a overview about what it means to hack a printer. Hacking a printer is mainly about hacking the PC inside a printer. Today a printer is not only just a printer. The models used in companies usually are connected to the network. Printers provide funtionallities starting with printing, faxing and scanning. Some of them can even send […]

E. Filliol started his presentation with a short introduction to misimplementation of crypto systems and basiys in cryptography. First the different type of ciper systems were presented stream ciphers – working on a stream of bits or Bytes, most likely performing a xor operation on the message with at (pseudo) random vector. The vector is […]

I just arrived at, an IT Security conference in Luxembourg. During the participation, I will write about the workshops and lectures I attendet to. On the first day I will most likely be in: a workshop about breaking weak or misimplemented systems. a workshop an Malicious PDF Analysis Lecture about Hacking printers for fun […]