Yesterday (8. oct 2011) evening the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) made a press announcement. Some time ago they got a copy of the so called “Bundestrojaner”, a Trojan horse developed to enable the police to listen to your phone call performed over a computer and the Internet. Ever since this software was in the political discussion there was a big controversy about if the state is allowed to install maleware on your computer. At the end it went to the federal constitutional court (in german: “Bundesverfassungsgericht”, BVerfG). The BVerfG then decided that there need to be strict rules, if such a software is used. First a judge has to approve it. Second the software has to be designed that it can only record/transmit the phone call and can not do other things.

Now the CCC got their hands on a trojan horse where they strongly believe that it is the “Bundestrojaner”. They analysed the software and found that this trojan horse can

  • access the microphone
  • access the camera
  • load additional software
  • execute this loaded software

beside the recording/transmitting of phone calls. With this functionality the police would be able to create their own evidences just in case they do not find enough, by simply creating a small software that then changes the needed files ….

BTW in germany we do not have an exclusion of evidence illegally obtained…

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