Two days ago a popular news site (wiwo) posted an article that the German defense minister stated a warning about the usage of Smart phones during combat operations. As he pointed out the department of defense is not prohibiting the use of smart phone in general, but it is left to the single department to prohibit this use. It is also statet that especially in the headquarters not everyone knows about the dangers coming from these phones.

So lets have a look at smart phones:

Most of the smart phones have a build in GPS receiver and at least the android phones are able to use WLAN hotspots to identify your position. Therefore they make connections to databases on the net to get the current position of the hotspots. An attacker can triangulate this communication to get the position of a single mobile phone.

Another way to track someone would be to bring some malware orĀ  “special app” on the phone which simply sends the current position to your server, this would be a even more convenient way to track someone.

A third approach could be to get such a smart phone. At least some of them are storing a history where you have been recently. If such a phone would be captured by an attacker he could easily find out where the base camp of the soldiers has been.

So soldiers… please turn off your phone or better leave it in your base. By that means it will not get lost…