To all who encountered the downtime today: It was not planned, but it won’t happen again. In the last weeks there were a lot of problems to reach this site. The reason was the not so good performance of the servers of my last provider, The website was unreachable from time to time. After opening tickets to the help desk I always got the answer: “everything is fine, we can not find an issue”. Also the problem disappeared always 2-3 minutes after the ticket was opened.

At the end I decided to switch to They are a little more expensive, but hey they have a good performance on the servers.

The reason for this downtime (about 18 hours) was due to the fact, that I canceled my contract with 1blu. I talked to the hotline before and our understanding was, that I get the authcodes and have 28 days to transfer the domains. What they did not tell me was, that they at midnight after sending the auth codes disconnected the domain from the webspace.

I learned about it 8 hours after the disconnect. Since there were a lot of domains affected, it took some hours to move it.

At the end: goodbye 1blue, Welcome

lesson learned: you get what you pay for. Never ever again